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Commercial Litigation

Any type of business dispute usually means that a commercial litigator will need to get involved.

We have assisted clients with breach of contract, business venture disputes, shareholder issues, and more.

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Real Estate Transactions

Buying and selling real estate is anything but simple.

Abrams & Byron are experts in facilitating real estate transactions, we help streamline the process so you can understand how close you are to completing the sale.

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Title Examinations

Before you complete a real estate transaction, an important step in is making sure that the property actually belongs to the person selling it.

Abrams & Byron examines the legitimacy of all titles, making sure that the transaction can proceed.

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Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a trying time for every member of the family, it helps to have an experienced attorney in your court that will represent your best interests.

We work with our clients to develop and plan and explore their options, ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

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Adoption Attorney (Limited to Raleigh County, West Virginia)

Completing an adoption requires a lot of due diligence and patience.

Having a trustworthy attorney to look over all the fine print will help ensure that the adoption process is completed.

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Commercial Transactions

Make sure your commercial transaction is a streamlined process.

Abrams & Byron works with business owners of all types of businesses, making sure that their commercial transaction is done quickly.

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Business owners know that contracts are a vital part of ensuring that all involved parties follow through with their promises. We can help you draft boilerplate contracts, and contracts that are tailored to your business.

Abrams & Byron has experience drafting ironclad contracts that lay out the expectations of a deal.

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Having a third party mediator present in negotiations will help ensure that both sides are coming to the table on good faith.

Abrams & Byron have experience serving as mediators in all types of negotiations.

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Civil Litigation

There’s a lot more to legal practice that what you see in the courtroom.

Abrams & Byron takes the full approach to the law, we assist you in any pre-trial negotiations, settlements, and post-trial procedures.

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